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Each month we’ll meet over a video call.
Review your content strategy.
And you’ll have the prescription for growth.


Your social media is sick!

but not in a good way

MAVEN Rx is the prescription to go from sick to slick! Ugh, that’s kinda lame, but too late now.

With MAVEN Rx, we work together directly and drill down to make your social media shine.

It’s the monthly prescription for improving your social media to build more trust, get more leads, and close more deals.

Healthy social media drives awareness, showcases your expertise, and, most importantly, generates more leads.

Ready to get started?

The doctor is in.

Jeff Sarris & Amara Andrew - MAVEN

Who is MAVEN?

I’m Amara Andrew, the one with the long hair. Err, the one with the big smile. Um, the one in the MAVEN shir…

Gah, I’m the one in front!

I’m Amara, your resident videographer. In a past life I was an archivist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, an Art History professor at Columbia College, before that a barista at a coffee sh…what am I doing, this isn’t a resume.

After a long journey through the arts, I found my passion in videography and for the last handful of years I’ve been pursuing that passion full time here at MAVEN, working with amazing people just like you!

Who’s that guy lurking behind me? That’s Jeff Sarris, my righthand man, best friend, and other half. While I shoot and work with you, Jeff’s my extra set of hands, setting up the lighting, shooting tasty b-roll, behind the scenes photos, you name it.

He’s also cofounder of the branding agency, SPYR, where he creates the systems that help solo entrepreneurs build 6- & 7-figure businesses. He’s most known for producing the Netflix documentary, MINIMALISM, his work with The Minimalists, and helping people reduce their kidney stone risk at Kidney Stone Diet.

He loves building brands and we love building MAVEN together!

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