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Candy Corn Mocktail {Gluten-free & Vegan}

  • Author: Amara Andrew
  • Prep Time: 0 minutes
  • Cook Time: 3 minutes
  • Total Time: 3 minutes
  • Yield: 1 mocktail 1x
  • Category: Beverages, cocktails, drinks, mocktails
  • Method: Shaken


If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic version of my Candy Corn Martini, then this is the perfect drink for you!

I mention in my video for these recipes that this is more referential of a candy corn, rather than being an exact replica of flavor. Nevertheless, it’s still a delicious medley of fresh citrus, smooth vanilla, and marshmallow notes! 🙂



For the mocktail:

  • 5 oz. organic no pulp orange juice
  • ½ oz. organic lime juice
  • ⅓ oz. organic lemon juice
  • 1 tsp. organic vanilla extract
  • Topo Chico



  1. Add a few ice cubes to a mason jar or cocktail shaker.
  2. Add the orange juice, lime juice, lemon juice, and vanilla extract to your shaker of choice.
  3. Put your lid on and give it a good shake (~15-20 seconds).
  4. Strain your drink over a martini glass.
  5. Top with Topo Chico.
  6. For garnish, add a spoonful of Cocowhip (or any other non-dairy or dairy whipped topping), and some candy corn!
  7. Enjoy your daily serving of vegetables because candy corn totally counts as a vegetable!

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