Category: Motivation

  • Everything is made up, nothing matters

    Everything is made up, nothing matters

    I constantly talk to people who aren’t doing their thing because: excuses.

    Then I invariably say, “Everything’s made up and nothing matters.”

    Then they laugh.

    They always laugh.

    Not because it’s funny.

    But because it’s uncomfortable.
    And because they know it’s true.

    Don’t let fear of judgment or the opinions of others hold you back.

    Everything is made up.
    Nothing matters.

    Just do the thing.

  • To optimize for learning

    Consumption is not learning.

    To optimize for learning and growth is to optimize for down time and contemplation.

    A 2x speed audiobook or podcast is only as valuable as the subsequent time spent in silence.

  • Skip the Line

    The greats didn’t wait in line.

    They chose to skip it altogether.

    Doing things the way they’ve always been done is a long path to mediocrity.

    Join the pack or lead it.
    You can’t do both.

  • Keep going

    Most never start.

    Of those who do, few keep going.

    So continue, adapt, and don’t be surprised when your competition effectively drops to zero.

    Keep going. 💪