VIP Experience

at REVB ’24

Give us 60 minutes of time.
We’ll give you 1 month of video content.

Plus, a VIP experience you’ll never forget.

Real Estate Video Blueprint ’24
April 10-11, 2024 / Houston, TX


\ˈmā-vən\ one who is experienced or knowledgeable : EXPERT

Christa Nielsen


You deserve only the best.

What is the MAVEN VIP Experience, you ask?

MAVEN VIP is our flagship done-for-you video experience. We’ve heard the horror stories countless times. Videographers who make you write a script, repeat it until you get it right in a single take, and create an all around stressful experience, only to produce sub-par results.

We’re built differently.

All we ask is for your smiling face. Then we handle the rest.

No prep work. No script. We’ve got that covered.

What to Expect

All you need to bring is your beautiful self, maybe an outfit change, and we’ll handle the rest.

Private Driver

We’ll meet in the lobby of your hotel (The Laura or Hilton Americas) and then get whisked away in a black car to our private studio.

Beautiful Studio Space

After the short drive, we’ll arrive at our beautiful studio space that’s professionally staged as a home with camera and lights ready for our arrival. This is the full MAVEN experience, on the road, in just an hour of your time.

One Month of Content

After becoming the best of friends (oh, and getting a month of video content), we’ll be driven back to your hotel, knowing that your fresh month of content will be ready for you in just a few weeks!

Jeff Sarris & Amara Andrew - MAVEN

Who is MAVEN?

I’m Amara Andrew, the one with the long hair. Err, the one with the big smile. Um, the one in the MAVEN shir…

Gah, I’m the one in front!

I’m Amara, your resident videographer. In a past life I was an archivist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, an Art History professor at Columbia College, before that a barista at a coffee sh…what am I doing, this isn’t a resume.

After a long journey through the arts, I found my passion in videography and for the last handful of years I’ve been pursuing that passion full time here at MAVEN, working with amazing people just like you!

Who’s that guy lurking behind me? That’s Jeff Sarris, my righthand man, best friend, and other half. While I shoot and work with you, Jeff’s my extra set of hands, setting up the lighting, shooting tasty b-roll, behind the scenes photos, you name it.

He’s also cofounder of the branding agency, SPYR, where he’s your design partner when simple matters. He’s most known for producing the Netflix documentary, MINIMALISM, his work with The Minimalists, and helping people reduce their kidney stone risk at Kidney Stone Diet.

He loves building brands and we love building MAVEN together!

But…the conference!
I don’t have time!

We know your conference schedule is jam-packed. As long as you can carve out 60 minutes of time, we’ll turn that hour into one month of video content. Plus we’ll become besties after all the smiles, laughs, and giggles, but that’s just an added bonus.

What to Actually Expect

Prepare for lots of smiles…I’m not kidding, you’ve been warned!

VIP Experience

at REVB ’24

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What kind of videos will I get?

We’ll be shooting a month’s worth of vertical Reels/Shorts. These are our bread and butter and the types of videos that we’ve found really help you showcase your expertise in the most effective, concise way possible. And that’s what we’re here for, to help you become more than an influencer. We want to make you an expert with influence.

What is a month’s worth of content? How many videos will I get?

Great question! “A month’s worth” is definitely a nebulous way to describe a quantity, but that’s because it varies so wildly for everyone! Of course, we can’t promise 31 Reels in 60 minutes. That’s just not plausible. But we can promise that you’ll have enough Reels/Shorts for 1-3 videos/week for an entire month.

Can you film a YouTube video or is it only Reels?

We shoot horizontal, long-form videos with our MAVEN Top Bananas all the time! That said, at our VIP Experiences we unfortunately have strict time constraints due to the nature of the event, so we have to limit these shoots to vertical Reels/Shorts.

But don’t forget to post all of your videos to YouTube as YouTube Shorts! I know you know this, but it’s something that we’ve been yelling for years and we won’t stop any time soon! YouTube is the most valuable social media platform for your long-term growth, so don’t forget to publish your short form, vertical content there too!

How far away is the studio space?

It’s just a quick drive to the studio. We’ll pick you up, so all you need to worry about is getting to the lobby and we’ll take care of the rest!

Driver? Some rando will be picking me up?!

Of course! I mean we’re all strangers until we’re not, aren’t we? In all seriousness though, Jeff and I will meet you in the lobby and we’ll all drive together. We’d never expect you to just hop in a stranger’s car blindly!

What if I have to cancel? Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of securing the shooting space and the private driver, we can’t offer refunds. That said, if something unforeseen happens and you need to cancel, don’t fret! We can apply your purchase to shooting together at another time (we love traveling!).

Can I just work with you at another time?

Absolutely! Click here to learn everything about becoming a MAVEN Top Banana!

I don’t want to leave, can we shoot at the conference instead?

I totally get it! There’s so much going on over these few days that it’s tough to carve out any time away!

That said, shooting at the conference would mean that you would end up with the same, cluttered, noisy videos as everyone else and that’s just not up to our standards. Sorry!

But, hey, if you see us wandering around, flag us down! We always love helping guide people on getting the best results from the videos they’re shooting, whether during the event or beyond!

Why is this so much cheaper than hiring you normally?

The main sell of MAVEN is simplicity. Our main offering is 3 months of content in just a few hours of your time, every third month. We like doing special events like this because (a) they’re fun and (2) we know not everyone can swing becoming a MAVEN Top Banana. Since we’re all already going to be in the same place, we just want to make memories together!