✨The top 3 social media trends in 2023 – Part 1!✨

This week, I’m predicting the 3 social media trends that I can see coming’ down the pipeline in 2023! 🥳

Today, we’re starting with “authenticity.” More and more people want to engage with “authentic” content, but just what the hell does that mean?! 🤔

What is authenticity and UGC?

This isn’t a new idea, but experts are predicting that there will be more emphasis placed on “authentic” creators, so people who offer lots of behind-the-scenes content.

UGC or user-generated content worked really well in 2022, so brands are going to be utilizing that a lot more.

What this means for you

More and more, people want looks behind the curtain and to see how the whole content creation process goes.

You can still create beautifully crafted and perfectly edited content, but make sure you’re offering those glimpses behind the scenes.

Here’s how to do this!

Capture quick and intimate videos of your day.

Are you making a larger video? Then, capture the intimate, behind-the-scenes shots or videos of what happened before, during, and after shooting!

This way, you’ll have more content to post!

Watch the video

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