✨The top 3 social media trends in 2023 – Part 3!✨

My final prediction for the 3 trends of social media in 2023 is that micro-influencers (accounts with under 100K followers) will be able to steal the spotlight (& monetize their content)!💰

What’s a “microinfluencer?”

If you’re a microinfluencer, meaning you have under 100,000 followers, this could be your year!

Microinfluencers typically have followers who are way more engaged in their content versus people who have 100,000+ followers.

Because of this level of engagement, brands will want to work with smaller influencers more since they can get a higher ROI than working with a big name.

Brands consider microinfluencers “underpriced attention.”

This also plays into my other prediction about “authentic” content creators because people who have 1,000 followers are seen as more relatable than those with millions and millions of followers.

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