$3.2 Million Keith Haring Wall Found in an Art History Professor’s Office

This week, we’re talking about a $3.2 million piece of Keith Haring wall that was found in an art history professor’s office…


Our “Something Borrowed” this week is, yet again, another piece of Keith Haring wall art.

So, I covered a piece of wall art that was being taken from his childhood home that he drew right before he passed away in Episode 1, so go check it out.

So, again, we’re looking at a series of “Radiant Babies,” which is his quintessential piece, like you know that that’s Keith Haring. So, he drew 5 of them on this piece of wall in 1981 when he went to Bard College.

He was invited to Bard to speak about the merits of graffiti, or the ethics of graffiti. Not the merits, the ethics. So, he drew on the wall with Magic Marker.

Apparently, an art history professor named Tom Wolf removed that section of wall from the building and had it in his office for almost 50 years. So, Wolf is retiring now, so plans are underway to find this section of wall a new home.

And, according to Bard College, it’s going to be permanently on view at the school’s Center for Curatorial Studies thanks to a $3.2 million donation.

🎧 Listen to the full episode here.

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