3 Tips for RECORDING your next SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEO! 🎥

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As a social media videographer, these are just a few things I’ve seen on people’s social media that could use a little bit of tweaking.

Incorporating these few changes will help make your videos shine! Hope this helps! 🙂

Tip #1: Your Orientation!

So, when I say orientation, I mean are you repurposing your content? Meaning, are you gonna be taking a horizontal YouTube video and shrinking it down to a vertical video?

If yes, then record accordingly!

My best advice is to record your horizontal video a little bit further away. That way when you crop in for vertical, it doesn’t feel as tightly cropped.

Tip #2: Get lit!

Make sure you have a solid, consistent light source. Now, you can use natural window lighting, but you’ll be subject to weather, time of day, all that fun, wonderful stuff.

I recommend using an actual artificial light and to make sure it’s one that’s good for video! If you don’t, your lighting will flicker and it’ll look weird and gross and horrible, so please don’t do that.

I use this ol’ light, but you can also use a ring light, if you’d like. They’re easy to find and affordable.

Tip #3: Emphasize your most important points!

Think about the moments you want to stand out most in your video. Make sure you emphasize those points you want the most. So whether this is through tilting your head, moving your hands and body, not too much though, even though I do that. And adding dramatic flavor to your voice.

You need to figure out the moments that you wanna stand out the most before you hit record. You can always emphasize things in post, but it also helps to have your body language mimic it as well.

I hope this helps and follow along for more content creation tips and tricks. Tata!

Watch my tips here!

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