483 ancient Celtic coins STOLEN! πŸͺ™

These are such an amazing piece of history! I really hope these ancient Celtic coins can be safely returned!


Somehow, 483 Celtic coins were stolen from a German museum!

These coins date back to 100 BCE and are worth almost $2 million.

They were on display at the Celtic & Roman Museum in Manching, Germany. They were found in 1999 near Manching and are still considered the biggest cache of ancient Celtic gold discovered in the 20th century.

Pretty frickin’ sweet!

This heist took place on a Tuesday morning–so, if you wanna steal anything, I guess Tuesday morning is a great time.

The thieves, first, dismantled a cable in the telecommunciations facility in Manching, which cut off more than 1,000 local connections including phone and internet. So, the entire town was basically out of contact with each other and the outside world!

When this was discovered, police actually thought banks were gonna be targeted, so they sent all their forces there. So, all the patrol cars were at these banks instead of near the museum.

The thieves, then, got access to the exhibition room where these coins were located. They, then, just broke open the display case, took everything, and then made off with them.

The museum, rightly, has remained closed since this happened.

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