5 MUST-HAVE programs for content creators in 2023!

Do you want to launch your own videography or content creation business in 2023? Here are the five absolute must-have tools that I use to create content for me and my clients!

#1: Final Cut Pro

First, obviously, is Final Cut Pro. I use this to edit all of my footage. I use it for all my iPhone footage, I use it for professional camera footage.

#2: Adobe After Effects

I use After Effects to create any and all motion graphics for my clients. It is a little intimidating at first, so watch a shit ton of tutorials if you want to get into it.

#3: Captions app

This is a phone-based app where you can create closed captioning for your videos. No longer do you have to go into each individual app and do captions for them. You can just have them on the screen and then they’re ready to go.

#4: Copy.ai or ChatGPT

If you’re ever in a creative rut, try out Copy AI or ChatGPT. I don’t use these too much, but when my mind is spent or I’m in a creative rut, I’ve definitely used them for inspiration.

#5: Canva/Photoshop

So I actually do a hybrid of Photoshop and Canva to create thumbnails for my clients. Canva is super easy to use. They have tons of free templates, so it’s a really great starting-off point for your own designs.

I hope this helps and follow along for more content creation tips and tricks!

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