$77 million Museum Cover-up!

How does a museum not have knowledge or at least footage of the people who broke over $77 million worth of priceless artifacts?!


Imagine breaking about $77 million worth of stuff that isn’t yours.

This is a really strange kind of story. Over the past 18 months, a bowl, a teacup, and a plate from the Ming and Qing dynasties were broken in 3 separate incidences at Taiwan’s National Palace Museum.

The director of the museum has been accused of instructing the staff to cover up the incidences and to treat all paper work of these as classified. They deny covering things up. They just say it’s kind of been a “process.”

What’s also sketchy about this, though, is that even though they’ve allegedly checked all their CCTV footage, they were unable to idenitfy who was responsible for 2 out of the three accidents.

They were able to identify who was responsible for one incident, though!

It was apparently a senior staff member who placed an artifact on a 3-foot high desk and it fell off of it. So, there’s one mystery solved!

🎧 Listen to the full episode here.

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