A Brief Introduction to South Beach Architecture

A Brief Introduction to South Beach Architecture

So, South Beach is known as the capital of Art Deco architecture and that’s all it has to offer, right?! HAHAHA WRONG!

There are actually 3 dominant architectural styles in South Beach: mediterranean revival, MiMo (or Miami Modernism), and, of course, Art Deco!

This is just a very brief guide on how to identify each style of architecture. If you want more info on each style, go check out my blog for individualized posts and videos.

First let’s look at Mediterranean Revival.

So, this is architecture that evokes an Old European World feel, which means that it should look like a stately coastal manor from Spain, Italy, or France.

A few unique features of Mediterranean Revival are:

  • decorative columns
  • clay barrel tile roofs
  • And rough stucco walls.

Next up is Miami Modernism, or MiMo, for short.

Now, most MiMo buildings are actually located on Mid-Beach and North Miami Beach, but there are a few in South Beach.

Some features of MiMo are:

  • asymmetrical angles
  • futuristic/space age forms
  • mosaic murals
  • and shiny metals.

And, finally, we have Art Deco.

Now, there are multiple styles of Art Deco in South Beach, but I’ll get into that further in my individual post.

Some key features of South Beach Art Deco are:

  • symmetrical design
  • stepped roofline,
  • glass blocks
  • curved edges and corners
  • and round porthole windows.

Tata! 🙂

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