An ATM that publicly (& permanently) displays your bank balance! 😱

Every year, there’s a showstopper piece from Art Basel Miami Beach. This year, it was ATM Leaderboard by MSCHF.

No longer do we have to wonder how much someone makes, because this little ATM has all the answers. 👀


At the Miami Beach Art Basel every year, there’s always that one show-stopper piece. This year, the show-stopping piece was ATM Leaderboard by MSCHF.

No longer do we have to size each other up and wonder how much each other makes. This little ATM tells us.

So, this is how the machine works: you walk up to it, insert your debit card, and input your pin. The machine, then, takes a photo of you to display next to your bank balance.

When the machine isn’t in use, it’s continuously flashing through the “high scores.”

This artwork was purchased by a Miami collector for $75,000. They intend to display the work in a way that the public can interact with it.

I’d like to recommend that they put it somewhere in South Beach!

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