Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti’s hidden tomb (and mummy!) may have just been found!

Was Nefertiti’s tomb just found?! A noted Egyptologist believes so!


If you’ve watched any sort of documentaries about Ancient Egypt within the last 5, 10, maybe 20 years, you would have seen Zahi Hawass.

He claims to have solved the mystery of where Nefertiti’s tomb is.

So, according to Hawass, he and his team have DNA from 18th dynasty mummies. They also have 2 unnamed mummies in their care, right now, that they hope to be able to announce in October 2022 as the wife of King Tutankhamun and her mom, Nefertiti.

Among many other reasons, there’s one primary reason why it’s been so difficult to locate Nefertiti. So, when her husband, Amenhotep IV, ascended to power, he, basically, did away with the entire traditional schema of what Egyptian society was like.

Once he died, though, the traditional culture was brought back. The memory of Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti was, essentially, just erased. There was no evidence left of where they were laid to rest.

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