Ancient Egyptian Tattooed Mummies!

While not 100% confirmed, researchers believe they know the meaning behind the tattoos of two ancient Egyptian mummies!


These two ancient Egyptian mummies were found in the ancient town called Deir el-Medina, located near the Nile in Egypt.

One had already been looted and unwrapped. While looking at the exposed skin, researchers found evidence of a tattoo. And they didn’t just find one, they found a whole set!

They found a purification ritual and a depiction of Bes, an ancient god who protected women and children, particularly during childbirth.

The second mummy, thankfully, was still wrapped, so researchers used infrared photography to see the body within the wrappings. And they found another tattoo!

Her tattoo was a wedjat and she also showed Bes. There was also a zigzag line beneath these figures which likely represented a marsh.

So, apparently, in parts of ancient Egypt, women would go give birth by the marsh because it was cooler.

Given these context clues, it’s believed these women got these tattoos to protect them during childbirth. We should bring that back!

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