Ancient Roman bath house found in ancient Egyptian temple! 🏛️

An ancient Roman bath house was just discovered in an ancient Egyptian temple! 😱🏛️


An ancient Roman bathhouse was actually found in an ancient Egyptian temple.

The temple of Khnum, which is located in Esna, sits in Lower Egypt. It’s along the Nile River and it’s about an hour south of Luxor.

This temple is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian god Khnum. The town, Esna, actually has a lot of significance in ancient Egyptian society and culture.

There were a bunch of different structures that were built there and they’ve been written about and captured in various different formats, but the only one that actually still survives is this temple.

In the temple, there was revealed a Ptolemaic-era building, artifacts, and then the ancient Roman bathhouse.

So this ancient Roman bathhouse, it’s believed to have been fed by water that flowed through channels into the basin. So it’s like right by the Nile.

This structure also contained a hypocaust, or a Roman central heating system that produces and circulates hot air from below the floor of a room.

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