Andy Warhol: copyright infringer?!

The Andy Warhol Foundation is currently battling it out in the Supreme Court with noted photographer Lynn Goldsmith for a possible copyright infringement case 😅


Even in death, Andy Warhol is still shaking up the art world.

There’s a case against the Andy Warhol Foundation by photographer Lynn Goldsmith that he didn’t get proper license rights to reproduce her photograph of Prince.

This dispute started in 2016 when Vanity Fair re-used a painting that was created by Warhol in the 1980s.

The Warhol Foundation preemptively sued Goldsmith after concerns were being raised about the use of her image.

This case has meandered through many different courts from 2016 to now, but it finally ended up in the Supreme Court which began its hearings on October 12.

This case all hinges on copyright, particularly fair use. In this case, this particularly boils down to the commercial vs. non-commercial, and “transformative.” And, no, I don’t mean how your crystal retreat was in Sedona. I mean, how much it’s been changed from the original.

I’m very curious to see where this goes. This will be a really big case and will be used in many art classes for years to come.

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