Are the Parthenon Marbles FINALLY returning to Greece?!

Apparently, the British Museum has been in talks with Greece to return the Elgin (Parthenon) marbles!

Negotiations have finally been opened between the chairman of the British Museum and the Greek prime minister…but there’s a catch.


Apparently, the British Museum is currently in talks with Greece to return the (Elgin) Parthenon Marbles.

Greece has been asking for the Marbles back from the British Museum for a very, very long time.

Negotiations between the British Museum Chairman and the Greek Prime Minister have been taking place since November 2021. An insider said that an agreement is 90% complete.

This situation is complicated, though. Apparently, there is an act by the British Parliament that prohibits the museum from selling, giving away, or otherwise disposing of any items in the collection unless they’re duplicates or not needed for study.

Surely, there can be some sort of concession or amendment, though, right?

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