Banksy is pissed! Here’s why 👀

So, a couple weeks ago, Banksy posted to Instagram accusing Guess of using his artwork without his permission. Guess, though, claims they have the rights to use his artwork because of their deal with Brandalised…but who’s right? 🤔


Do not fuck with Banksy because they will fuck you back so hard.

Banksy posted a photo to Instagram. It’s a photo of a GUESS store and it says: “Attention all shoplifters! Please go to GUESS on Regent Street. They’ve helped themselves to my artwork without asking. How can it be wrong for you to do the same with their clothes?”

Mic drop!

So, a little bit of backstory: GUESS has a licensing deal, apparently, with a company called Brandalised. They claim to have the licensing rights to the work of graffiti artists.

Some copyright lawyers claim that it appears that GUESS properly sourced the rights from Brandalised.

The story is still developing, so stay tuned!

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