Fake dinosaur skeleton at auction! 🦖

Christie’s was going to sell this T-Rex skeleton, but now they’re under fire after it was discovered that almost ¾ of the bones were copies of *another* T-Rex!


Christie’s was slated to sell an entire T-Rex skeleton. The T-Rex, though, whose name is Shen, has now been removed from the catalog…why?

A bunch of experts raised questions about the amount of replica bones and ambiguous language that was used in this catalog.

What was funny about this, though, is that one expert noticed that Shen looked eerily similar to Stan. So, Stan was a T-Rex skeleton that had been excavated in 1992 and sold at Christie’s.

These experts studied Shen and noticed that roughly ¾ of the bones in this skeleton resembled Stan’s.

So, Christie’s removed this from their brochure and their website. They are, allegedly, in trouble for false marketing.

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