Giant ancient kitty found! 🐈

A group of 168 ancient geoglyphs dating between 100 BCE and 300 BCE were just uncovered in Peru’s Nazca Desert! Among the images are depictions of humans, camelids, snakes, birds, and this 33-foot kitty! 😻


What is cuter than a little kitty? How about an ancient kitty that’s about 33 feet in diameter? It’s huge!

A couple weeks ago, a group of 168 Nazca geoglyphs were identified in Peru’s Nazca Desert.

This particular group of geoglyphs that was just found date between 100 BCE and 300 BCE and included depictions of humans, camelids, birds, orcas, felines, and snakes.

These geoglyphs were created by removing black stones from the Earth’s surface to expose the white sand beneath. So it was this harsh, kind of dark and light contrast of sorts.

This recent finding adds to the nearly 190 previously identified geoglyphs that were found in this area in Peru between 2004 and 2018.

Scholars have posited a lot of different purposes to these geoglyphs, like whether they be to depict deities or served as a form of irrigation and they just happen to be really pretty as well, or that they’re actually a calendar with astrological alignments.

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