Guess how much Christie’s auction house made in 2022! 🤑

In 2022, Christie’s auction house made a WHOPPING $8.2 BILLION! 😅 Here are a few ways Christie’s was able to achieve that ridiculous amount of money!


Guess how much money Christie’s made in 2022? You got your number? Err!

Christie’s auction house, in total for 2022, made $8.4 billion. You might be asking yourself, how did they get to the $8.4 billion? I will tell you.

So I’m about to break things down a little bit with just a bunch of facts and figures, so get ready, it’s really interesting.

First, I have to talk about the Paul G. Allen collection. The entire collection was slated to bring in about a billion dollars. It actually brought in $1.6 billion.

There were also two huge artworks that were sold. The first one is Andy Warhol’s “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn,” and that sold for a record-breaking $195 million.

The other artwork that was sold that made a huge splash was Man Ray’s “Violin D’Ingres” and that photo sold for $12.4 million.

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