Is AI-Generated Art Free from Copyright? 🤔

This is going to be a very tricky copyright case because whatever’s decided will set the precedent for how content creators get paid for their work!


So, within the last year, you may have heard about AI-generated art, especially with OpenAI’s platform, DALL-E.

AI image generators scrape publicly available pictures across the web to train their algorithm. These images that are sampled are typically copyrighted works that come from a variety of websites, most namely Getty Images.

Getty Images actually just banned AI-generated art due to these copyright issues. So, where the issue comes from is that there is no credit or compensation for content creators who make these original images.

Like I said, Getty is banning AI-generated artwork. They’re using the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, which is a project that was just formed in February 2021 by Adobe, Sony, BBC, Microsoft, Twitter, and a bunch of other companies, in order to filter out AI-generated content.

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