Marie Antoinette’s furniture up for AUCTION!

Two pieces of furniture from Marie Antoinette sold for MAJOR prices! 👀💰


Two pieces that were from Marie Antoinette’s personal collection were up for auction.

These two pieces, also, have really special meaning to Marie Antoinette’s life.

The first piece that was sold was a beautiful chest of drawers. This piece was created shortly after Marie Antoinette arrived in France, but before she wed Louis XVI.

And this was estimated to sell for €800,000 – €1.2 million, but it actually sold for €942,000 (so, about $945,000).

The other piece that was for sale was a beautiful, pale blue chair. So, this was actually used in the Queen’s small apartment at Versailles.

What’s so special about this chair, though, was that it was one of the last orders the Queen placed before the French Revolution. It was delivered in 1788, a few years before she died. I wonder if she was able to even enjoy it….

It was estimated to sell for €100,000 – €200,000. It actually sold for €906,000, which is around $935,000.

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