How I Overcame Morning Outfit Syndrome and How You Can, Too!

How I Overcame Morning Outfit Syndrome and How You Can, Too!

Morning Outfit Syndrome (M.O.S. for short) is no joke. In the United States, M.O.S. is currently the leading cause of Shittydayitis. Symptoms of Morning Outfit Syndrome include, but are not limited to: screaming at the mirror, scrolling endlessly through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, and being late to work after crying in the bathroom for an hour.

Do you or a loved one suffer from moderate to severe M.O.S.? Or, do you suffer from P.O.S.? Read on for the cure.

Do You Suffer from Morning Outfit Syndrome, Party Outfit Syndrome, or Both?

You know how it goes. No matter how well prepared you are the night before, something happens once morning approaches.

The outfit you thought you were in love with 8 hours ago now looks like your worst nightmare. Or, maybe you didn’t choose an outfit the night before and you only got 3 hours of sleep, which means that putting pants on is the least of your worries right now.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

I’ve also been there when it’s time to get ready for a fun night out with friends. You stand there staring into the dark abyss that is your closet, but you just can’t figure out what you should wear. Especially since your friends have seen you wear that outfit at least a million times. *Like, no one says anything out loud, but you can see the eyes and feel the vibe change once you arrive.*

This is a classic case of P.O.S. or Party Outfit Syndrome (sorry to disappoint, but in this case, P.O.S. does not stand for “piece of shit,” but I like where your mind is at!).

I’m here to tell you that your clothes are perfectly fine the way they are! You just need to figure out a new way that you can wear your favorite pieces, whether that means changing it up with a different article of clothing or maybe a different accessory.

Plus, not buying new clothes all the time will help you save some cash (says the girl who created a Prosecco-esque drink so she didn’t have to go out and buy a bottle of actual Prosecco). Saving cash is always lovely!

The Cure for M.O.S. and P.O.S.

In an effort to cure your Morning Outfit Syndrome I’ve created an outfit inspiration tool (*totally not Pinterest, but it’s totally Pinterest*) to showcase how I style some of my favorite staple pieces to keep them fresh and exciting.

This handy, dandy tool has helped pull me out of severe bouts of M.O.S. more times than I care to admit, so my hope is that it can do the same for you. Who knows, it may even inspire you to try something new with your style! It’s time to say farewell to your wardrobe worries! 🙂

Simply click one of the images below to see an entire board of inspiration!

Please remember: you don’t have to suffer from M.O.S. or P.O.S. alone. There are other sufferers out there. If you have a success story of how you battled your M.O.S. or P.O.S. please share them in the comments below 🙂

The Boards:

 Show Me Your M.O.S. Solutions!

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