Mystery Ancient Tunnel FOUND under Temple!

This secret ancient tunnel was found 43 feet under the Earth…what was it for?! 🤔


This secret tunnel was found under the Taposiris Magna, which was a temple dedicated to Osiris, the god of the dead.

So, the tunnel that was found underneath this temple is 13 meters (~43 feet) below the surface of the earth. It’s, supposedly, 1300 meters long, which is about a mile. It’s also supposed to measure 2 meters high or about seven feet.

The architectural style is similar to one in Greece called the Eupalinos tunnel. This tunnel actually served as an aqueduct, so this might provide context to this other tunnel that was just found.

Apparently, there were at least 23 different earthquakes that hit Egypt between 320CE and 1303 CE. So, because of this, the temple collapsed and then part of the aqueduct underneath flooded with the Mediterranean Sea.

What’s really cool about this tunnel is that a bunch of pottery was found along the tunnel route as well as a bunch of gold coins depicting Cleopatra VII and Alexander the Great.

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