Rarest image of Trojan War found!

The rarest depiction of the Trojan War has been found buried under a building in Syria!


This week, one of the rarest depictions of the Trojan War was found.

While it’s not the oldest, archaeologists are calling it the rarest because it’s one of the most complete, intact mosaics that’s ever been found that’s depicting the Trojan War. That’s pretty frickin’ sweet!

This mosaic was found underneath a building in Rastan, Syria. It’s dated around 1600 years old, so it was created sometime during the 4th century CE.

This particular mosaic is believed to have been the flooring in an ancient bathhouse, but it’s not exactly known yet.

So far, archaeologists have revealed 65 feet of this mosaic, but it’s believed to measure 1,300 square feet.

They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them!

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