In October 2022, the remains of a 5,000-year-old bog body was found!


In October, a new bog body was found!

Archaeologists on a dig in Egedal in Denmark found the legs, pelvis, and jaw of a person who lived 5,000 years ago. Bog bodies are not anything new in the history field.

In case you aren’t familiar with what the hell a bog body is, it’s a human cadaver that has been mummified in a peat bog, and then it just looks like the person’s just asleep.

The fact that this body was not intact, though, it was just a skeleton and fragments of the skeleton is really interesting.

I wonder what happened and what was different and what made that actually happen versus having the body be perfectly preserved.

So, what’s interesting also about the skeleton is that there were no signs of violence. So no knife marks, wounds, breaks, anything like that in the bones that they found.

Because of this, it’s believed that this skeleton was also part of ritual human sacrifice.

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