RIP Cartoon Network?!

Since the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery in April 2022, a lot of changes have been made! But, most importantly, is this the end of Cartoon Network as we knew it?!


Cartoon Network–are they dead?

Fans got quite a shock this past week when rumors started circulating that Cartoon Network was no more. People were even using “#RIPCartoonNetwork” on Twitter.

While Cartoon Network isn’t leaving us, something equally as terrible is happening.

Eighty-two staffers in its scripted, unscripted, and animation departments got laid off last week. There are also 43 other vacant positions that are going to go unfilled.

These are part of a $3 billion project that started April 2022 with the merger of Warner Bros. and Discovery.

Another interesting part of this merger is that Cartoon Network had its own level of autonomy, so they could make decisions in creative and operational matters. Now, however, they will not be able to do that. It’s just getting folded into the rest of the major company.

That’s never happened before in the history of Cartoon Network.

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