South Beach Architecture: MiMo (Miami Modernism)

South Beach Architecture: MiMo (Miami Modernism)

In my previous post and video, I outlined the 3 major architectural styles of Miami Beach. This video is a little bit more of a deep dive into MiMo.

So, first, what is MiMo?

MiMo is an acronym for Miami Modernism. It’s a style of architecture from the Post WWII era (1945-1960s) that originated in Miami and Miami Beach. Architects who created the MiMo style were heavily influenced by the International Style.

MiMo buildings were specifically created to respond to the subtropical climate of Miami and Miami Beach, but done in a resort glamour kind of way.

Now, you primarily see MiMo in Mid and North Miami Beach, however, there are a couple buildings in South Beach you can view, including Lincoln Road Mall, the Clevelander on Ocean Dr., and the Walgreens at 14th & Collins.

MiMo buildings made extensive use of plate glass, concrete, and glass mosaic tile. Interiors featured high-grade marble and rare hardwoods.

So, how can you identify a MiMo structure? Here are some unique features to look out for:

  • asymmetrical angles
  • Delta wings
  • Sweeping curved walls
  • Cutouts
  • kidney and amoeba shapes
  • futuristic/space age forms
  • mosaic murals
  • and shiny anodized aluminum in gold and copper.

What’s your favorite MiMo building? Let me know in the comments below! Tata!

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