South Beach Mocktail Reviews (Part 1): Betsy Ross Hotel

South Beach Mocktail Reviews (Part 1): Betsy Ross Hotel

In this series, I’m reviewing mocktails in South Beach. First up is the Betsy Ross Hotel at 14th Pl. and Ocean Dr.

This is a high-end hotel, but I heard they had mocktails so we went to test them out.

They had a few non-alcoholic options (you can see them in the video below). We ordered two of their mocktails: the Dragonfruit Mule and the Pink Sangria (which was, honestly, more orange than pink).

Both drinks were made with D3 juice which is a mixture of dragonfruit juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, and coconut water.

They were both really good and refreshing, but we both preferred the Dragonfruit Mule because of the subtle ginger kick.

Overall, the service was great, the hotel was beautiful, and the mocktails were delicious.

We’re giving the Betsy Ross Hotel a 9/10. Stay tuned for more mocktail reviews!

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