Statues found preserved underwater in ANCIENT Bathhouse!

These ancient statues were found underwater…but they were actually supposed to be there?! 😱


We’re talking about 2 dozen bronze statues that were found underwater in Tuscany.

These statues were found in the town called San Casciano di Bagni, which makes sense because these were found in the ruins of an ancient bathhouse.

Archaeologists have been excavating in this area since 2019. They’ve also found a bunch of other things, including coins and other smaller statues.

So, the statues that we’re talking about now, though, most of them depict ancient Greco-Roman gods and goddesses. It’s believed that these used to adorn a sanctuary before their ritual immersion in thermal waters.

So, these statues were supposed to be underwater!

I also can’t help but be curious what this water tastes or smells like….

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