Why You Need this BlankNYC Moto Jacket (Review)

Why You Need this BlankNYC Moto Jacket (Review)

Ever since my mom gifted me with my first leather jacket in 8th grade (thanks, Mom!), I have been obsessed with moto jackets. I wear them so often that I’m affectionately known as “moto jacket girl” by those who don’t know my actual name…it’s Ms. Moto Jacket Girl to you! Through all my years of experience, I have to say…this one by BlankNYC is my all-time favorite.

I’ve never been a fan of suede since I find it difficult to clean, but I decided to take a chance (on love!) and give this jacket a shot. I bought it in Shadow Grey which is a perfect neutral, making it my new spring & fall staple piece. It pairs so well with EVERYTHING! Wear it with a strappy tank top and some black jeans for a casual going-out vibe, or dress it down with a white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers for running errands. You really can’t screw it up! I definitely thought that the belt around the bottom would drink me nuts, but I actually enjoy it now since it plays up the moto vibe. 

Through my years of moto jacket research, I’ve found that some jackets are either too boxy, too tight, or the sleeves aren’t quite right. This jacket solves all those problems and then some. It has the quality fit, material, and hardware of a designer moto jacket without the designer price tag! 

FYI: These sell out fast. I had to wait two weeks before I even got the chance to order mine and then I pounced! So, if it’s available in your color and size, seriously grab it! I’m definitely investing in many other colors this upcoming spring!

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