The tomb of Santa Claus has been found!

The tomb of Santa Claus was allegedly just found in Demre, Turkey!! That isn’t the only surprise that archaeologists found on this site, though!


It’s a little early in the season, but we’re going to talk about Santa Claus, specifically the guy who inspired Santa Claus.

Saint Nicholas was an actual person. He was an early Christian bishop who lived between 270-343 CE.

The reason why we’re talking about Santa Claus is because of the Church of St. Nicholas in Demre, Turkey.

It’s believed an empty tomb that was found within the church during excavation work is St. Nicholas’ original resting place. They also found these really beautiful Byzantine mosaic floors.

There was an old church on this site originally that’s from the 3rd century CE, Byzantine era church. This spot, however, flooded because of rising sea levels sometime during the Middle Ages, so they built this other church on top of the flooded one.

Now, archaeologists are excavating in this 3rd century church, so they’ve found this tomb and also these Byzantine mosaic floors.

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