These 5 paintings just sold for over $100 million…each! 😱 🖼️

Not only did each of these paintings sell for over $100 million each, but they were also part of an art collection that fetched almost $2 billion cumulatively!


In Episode 3, I discussed the Paul G. Allen that was going up for auction at Christie’s in November.

There were 5 paintings in this auction that brought in over $100 million per piece. These paintings were:

  • Paul Cezanne, La Montaigne Sainte-Victoire, $130,790,000
  • Vincent van Gogh, Verger avec cyprés, $117,180,000
  • Gustav Klimt, Birch Forest, $104,585,000
  • Paul Gauguin, Maternité II, $105,730,000
  • Georges Seurat, Les Poseuses ensemble (petite version), $149,000,000+

🎧 Listen to the full episode here.

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