Why are people protesting climate change with famous artworks?!

Why are people protesting climate change using famous artworks? 🤔 Sure, your organization’s name ends up in headlines, but, beyond that, what good is this doing for your cause? And, more importantly, how does this help the environment?


There have been a lot of activist protests in art museums lately. By the time this episode comes out, there will probably be like 10 others in this time span…

…but why art museums?

This is a question that a group of museum directors tried to figure out or at least have a discussion about. So, Weinberg, from the Whitney Museum responded, “It’s people putting themselves on a stage in order to bring attention to something. But you have to ask, does this really change anything? Does this really open up a question? And, also, is it an understanding of how art functions even in its time?”

I think there are different ways to go about this. You’re making more work for the people who are not executives at these museums. People have to clean these up. These are the workers who are getting paid $15 an hour or something that have to deal with this.

It’s worked because we’re talking about this, but, otherwise, I don’t know if it’s actually going to be successful in the long-run to get their message across.

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