Category: Style

Welcome to my closet! 🙂

I love versatile, high-quality, monochromatic basics. I also love trying to make as many outfits as possible with the minimal amount of clothing items.

When it comes to purchasing clothing items, I don’t believe in the “benefit” of acquiring credit card debt, so if I can’t afford something I don’t buy it.

Whenever I’m considering adding a piece to my wardrobe, I go through my three-piece checklist:

  • Is this item versatile?
  • Do I feel comfortable wearing?
  • Is this item a classic piece?

If I can’t answer “yes” to all 3 questions, I pass on the item. This 5-second thought process has saved me from making some questionable fashion choices and has also saved me a buttload of cash!

The moral of the story is to have fun with your style and be your best self! 🙂