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  • No joke, this was hands-down the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, gluten-free or otherwise. I’m seriously going to dream about this pizza 😴

    If you’re gluten-free and in South Beach, run to La Leggenda! 🍕🏃‍♀️

  • I love trying a new coffeeshop everyday. Today, we’re trying the coffee at Las Olas Café in South Beach! This place has been on my list for a while, so I’m glad we finally made it 🙌

    If you’re in SoBe, I highly recommend checking out Las Olas Café!

  • If you’re looking for a fun, free date night in Miami Beach, check out the outdoor movies in Soundscape Park!

    They play every Wednesday night from October-May 🎥

  • South Beach Architecture: Art Deco

    South Beach Architecture: Art Deco

    In my previous post and video, I outlined the 3 major architectural styles of Miami Beach. This post is a mini deep dive into Art Deco.

    So, South Beach is known for its amazing collection of Art Deco architecture. Most of these buildings were slated to be torn down throughout the 1970s & 1980s, but were saved by Barbara Capitman as well as the Miami Design Preservation League. (We’ll talk more about them in another post, so stay tuned!)

    So, first, what is Art Deco?

    It’s a general design style that started in 1925 in France with the Universelle Exposition. It encompasses basically all forms of “visual art.”

    Generally, Art Deco architecture in South Beach is called “Tropical Art Deco,” but there are a few sub-genres within that including:

    • Streamline Moderne,
    • Med-deco, 
    • And Depression Moderne,

    So, how can you identify an Art Deco building? Here are some unique features to look out for:

    • symmetrical design,
    • ziggurat (stepped) roofline,
    • glass blocks,
    • curved edges and corners,
    • flora and fauna,
    • groups of 3,
    • and round porthole windows.

    Miami Beach Art Deco is a very specific type of architecture. The buildings feature shade overhangs (a.k.a. eyebrows) to block out the intense Miami sun!

    What’s your favorite Art Deco structure? Let me know in the comments below! Tata!

  • South Beach Architecture: MiMo (Miami Modernism)

    In my previous post and video, I outlined the 3 major architectural styles of Miami Beach. This video is a little bit more of a deep dive into MiMo.

    So, first, what is MiMo?

    MiMo is an acronym for Miami Modernism. It’s a style of architecture from the Post WWII era (1945-1960s) that originated in Miami and Miami Beach. Architects who created the MiMo style were heavily influenced by the International Style.

    MiMo buildings were specifically created to respond to the subtropical climate of Miami and Miami Beach, but done in a resort glamour kind of way.

    Now, you primarily see MiMo in Mid and North Miami Beach, however, there are a couple buildings in South Beach you can view, including Lincoln Road Mall, the Clevelander on Ocean Dr., and the Walgreens at 14th & Collins.

    MiMo buildings made extensive use of plate glass, concrete, and glass mosaic tile. Interiors featured high-grade marble and rare hardwoods.

    So, how can you identify a MiMo structure? Here are some unique features to look out for:

    • asymmetrical angles
    • Delta wings
    • Sweeping curved walls
    • Cutouts
    • kidney and amoeba shapes
    • futuristic/space age forms
    • mosaic murals
    • and shiny anodized aluminum in gold and copper.

    What’s your favorite MiMo building? Let me know in the comments below! Tata!

  • South Beach Mocktail Reviews (Part 1): Betsy Ross Hotel

    In this series, I’m reviewing mocktails in South Beach. First up is the Betsy Ross Hotel at 14th Pl. and Ocean Dr.

    This is a high-end hotel, but I heard they had mocktails so we went to test them out.

    They had a few non-alcoholic options (you can see them in the video below). We ordered two of their mocktails: the Dragonfruit Mule and the Pink Sangria (which was, honestly, more orange than pink).

    Both drinks were made with D3 juice which is a mixture of dragonfruit juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, and coconut water.

    They were both really good and refreshing, but we both preferred the Dragonfruit Mule because of the subtle ginger kick.

    Overall, the service was great, the hotel was beautiful, and the mocktails were delicious.

    We’re giving the Betsy Ross Hotel a 9/10. Stay tuned for more mocktail reviews!

  • This is the Most Charming Building in Chicago!

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…giant car?! 🚗

    This, my dear friends, is a parking garage located at 60 E. Lake St. in Chicago. But this isn’t just any ol’ parking garage. It’s a car!

    *beep beep*

    Built in 1986 by noted architect Stanley Tigerman, this 12-story parking garage was designed to look like an old car.

    The façade of this postmodernist structure consists of turquoise baked enamel panels. What’s so special about these? Well, this particular color of turquoise was actually sourced from a 1957 Chevrolet color chart. Neat!

    There are two awnings on either side that are painted to look like tires, and two arclights at the top to look like headlights!

    There’s even a little figure on top of the structure to resemble a hood ornament.

    When it was originally built, there was also a “SELFPARK” sign in the middle to look like a license plate, but that’s long gone.

    Have you ever noticed this building in the Chicago Loop before? Let me know in the comments below! Tata! 🙂

  • Is This the Best Coffee Shop in Ocean City, New Jersey?!

    I like to think of myself as a part-time coffee snob. I won’t shun a Starbucks or Dunkin’ coffee, but I don’t necessarily enjoy their coffee either. Every place I travel, I’m always looking for the best, most amazing cup of coffee I can find…and I can assuredly say that I have found the best coffee shop in Ocean City, New Jersey.

  • Arguably, the Coolest Thing in L.A.: the Camera Obscura in Santa Monica

    Within the walls of an unassuming senior center in Santa Monica is one of the coolest ancient inventions ever created…the Camera Obscura.